Man and Sin

100. Are there verses about people being born with a “sin nature”? (Original Sin)

101. Are all men and women including the prophets guilty of having committed sin? (Jesus excepted)

102. Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, considered to have had any divine endowments and should she be venerated as the Mother of God.

103. Does a man’s sin separate him from a Holy God, and as a natural consequence is it understood that sinners are condemned to go to Hell?

104. Does a Holy God take small sins seriously? (Sagire)

105. Is it a proper punishment to cut off the hands of a thief?

106. Would it sometimes be ok for believers to lie or deceive others in order to protect themselves? (Taqiyya or Kitman)

107. Is homosexuality viewed as a sin which is forbidden and condemned?

108. Are abortion and murder viewed as sins which are forbidden and condemned?

109. Can the punishment for sin be erased by doing “good works”? (Sevap)

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