Future Things

125. Is detailed information given concerning future events at the end of the world? (Eschatology / Gayb Haber)

126. Are there prophetic verses predicting the coming of a powerful satanic world ruler in the last days? (Antichrist / Mehdi)

127. Will there be a “Day of Judgment” when God will raise each and every person from the dead and judge whether they will go to Heaven or to Hell? (Ahiret Gunu)

128. Will everyone have to spend a period of time suffering in Hell?

129. If a person goes to Hell, is there ever a possibility of getting out later on and going to Heaven?

130. Is the resurrection body a physical body of flesh, bone and blood?

131. Will there be sexual relationships and marriage in Heaven? (Houris)

132. Is the universal Church considered to be the “Bride of Christ”?

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