Historical Events

181. Did God create people in His own image and likeness?

182. When God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden did He pronounce that there would be enmity between the man and the woman?

183. In the story of the flood, after one ofNoah’s sons drowned, did Noah’s ark come to rest upon Mt. Judi?

184. Did God say that the promise of blessing upon Abraham’s descendants would specifically come through the lineage of Isaac and not Ishmael?

185. Did Abraham ever travel to Mecca to offer a sacrifice at the Ka’aba?

186. Was Abraham ready to offer up his only legitimate son Isaac as a sacrifice unto God?

187. Was Abraham’s son Ishmael considered to be a prophet?

188. Was it Abraham who was thrown into a fire because he refused to worship idols?

189. When Moses asked to see God’s glory, did God actually allow Moses to see the backside of God in a humanlike form?

190. Did Haman live in the same time period as Moses and Pharaoh?

191. Did God institute the Passover feast to commemorate the firstborn of Israel being saved as the death angel passed over them during the last of plagues which God sent upon Egypt?

192. When going out to war was it Saul (Talut) who tested his soldiers by how they drank water?

193. Was Jesus born in a stable in Bethlehem?

194. Did three wise men from the East follow the Messiah’s star to Bethlehem where they found the baby Jesus and prostrated themselves before him in worship?

195. Do the writers of the Holy Books ever quote Jewish fables as though they were actual historical events?

196. Did Jesus ever do any recorded miracles as a child?

197. Did seven men and a dog actually wake up in a cave after sleeping there for years?

198. Did Solomon actually gather together an army of demons (jinn), humans and birds to do battle?

199. Did God actually turn people into apes for breaking the sabbath?

200. Did God promise the land of Palestine specifically to the Jews?

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