God and Allah

26. Are most of the character and nature attributes of Allah which are found in the Qur’an in agreement with the attributes of God which are found in the Bible? (Esmaul-Husna)

27. Are the “God” of the Bible and the “Allah” of the Qur’an one and the same entity?

28. Is God’s eternal and unchangeable name “Yahweh”?

29. Are there verses in the Holy Books about God being “Holy”? (el-Kuddus)

30. Among the character and nature attributes of God, does God reveal Himself as the “Father”?

31. Is God proud and is pride a character attribute of God? (el-Mutekebbir)

32. Among the character and nature attributes of God, does God reveal Himself as the “Savior”?

33. In the Holy Books when God refers to Himself, does He ever speak in the first person plural “We”?

34. Is the concept of the “Trinity” acceptable? (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)

35. Would God falsely accuse Jesus of doing something wrong or would Jesus lie to God to cover up something he did wrong?

36. Is God a distant, transcendental God who rarely ever shows His great power or leaves His fingerprints on human history?

37. Has God ever shown Himself visibly to people on earth? (Theophany or Ru’yetullah)

38. Does God ever speak directly to people today aside from His written revelation?

39. Does the infinite God desire to have a close and loving relationship with finite man such that men are called the “Children of God”?

40. Is the love of God unconditional? (El-Vedud)

41. Does God look on believers as being merely His slaves or servants?

42. Does God show any favoritism among people and prefer some above others?

43. Does God especially hate certain sinners and want to send some of them to hell?

44. Is God the author of “good” and “evil” and responsible for doing both? (Hayır & Sher)

45. Would God be described as the greatest “plotter” or “schemer” of them all? (Makara)

46. Is God responsible for casting enmity and hatred among people of different faiths?

47. Is it God’s purpose to harden some men’s hearts and lead them astray?

48. Is God’s character and behavior ever capricious or whimsical?

49. Is it forbidden to prostrate oneself before anyone other than God Himself?

50. Did God issue a command contrary to His own eternal law ordering all of the angels to: “Prostrate yourselves before Adam”?

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