The Holy Spirit, Angels, Demons & Satan

52. Does the “Holy Spirit” have the power to create?

53. Are the “Holy Spirit” and the angel “Gabriel” one and the same?

54. Is blasphemy against the “Holy Spirit” the one and only unpardonable sin?

55. Are the Holy Books focused upon the things of the Spirit?

56. Does God’s “Holy Spirit” indwell believers and empower them with spiritual gifts?

57. Can spiritual gifts be imparted from one believer to another by the laying on of hands?

58. Does God give the followers of Jesus the ability to do the same kind of miracles that Jesus did through the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within them?

59. Does God give some believers the gift of speaking in an unknown tongue or language through the power of the Holy Spirit?

60. Is there a clear-cut distinction between Angles (Melek) being the servants of God and Demons (Jinn) being the servants of Satan?

61. Would it be possible for Satan to repent and become good?

62. Would it be possible for some Demons to repent and become good? (Jinn)

63. Are there verses in the Holy Books about casting demons out of people?

64. Is Satan’s power of deception depicted as being weak or ineffective?

65. Is Satan considered to be the “prince” or “ruler” of this world?

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