Practical Life Issues

134. Is it forbidden for a believer to drink wine?

135. Is it forbidden for a believer to eat pork?

136. Does God expect believers to fast today?

137. Does God prefer that prayer and fasting be done openly where you can be seen by others?

138. Does God want people to fast during the day and feast at night for one month out of every year? (Ramazan)

139. Does God expect believers to tithe and give alms? (Zekat)

140. Does God want to listen to ritual prayers said over and over again five times a day at the same time every day? (Namaz)

141. Does God expect believers to make a pilgrimage to a holy place at least once in their lifetime? (Al-Haj)

142. Does God still want people today to offer animal sacrifices once a year? (Kurban)

143. If a Muslim has a question about something in the Bible would it be appropriate for them to ask a Christian or a Jew about it?

144. If a person has reservations about something in one of the Holy Books, should the believer avoid asking honest questions if he might not like the answers?

145. Aside from Divine Revelation, are the traditional sayings and interpretations of men considered to be trustworthy and needed to properly understand the Holy Books? (Hadith)

146. Does God expect believers to actively worship together and propagate their faith today?

147. Does God want believers to break up into various sects, denominations and splinter groups?

148. Are there verses in the Holy Books which encourage people to be joyful and happy here in this life on earth?

149. Are there examples in the Holy Books where God gives physical healing to people?

150. Are there verses where God encourages believers to use music, dance and singing in their worship?

151. According to the manifest purpose of God, is it right for a man to have more than one wife at the same time?

152. Could a man possibly deal equally with his wives if he had more than one wife at the same time?

153. Is a temporary or interim marriage allowable? (Mut’a or Hulle)

154. In the Holy Books are wives described as being a sex object, a commodity or a possession of their husbands?

155. Is it permissible for a man to buy or capture slave girls and have sex with them?

156. Are women required to wear a veil outside the home?

157. Are women's rights equal to men's?

158. Is it ever permissible for a man to beat his wife?

159. Is it permissible for a Christian or a Muslim to marry people of a different faith?

160. If a person gets a divorce from their spouse for a reason other than adultery are they allowed to remarry?

161. Is it the object of a Christian to act like Christ and the object of a Muslim to act like Muhammad?

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