Enemies and Warfare

163. In religious affairs, should the use of force and compulsion ever be sanctioned?

164. Does God encourage believers today to fight and war against people of different beliefs till their own religion triumphs? (Holy War / Jihad)

165. If a person becomes an apostate from their own mother religion or decides to change their religion should they be killed?

166. Is fighting against family, friends or even brethren sometimes prescribed?

167. Does God want believers today to kill others of a different faith even if it goes against their own conscience?

168. Is striving and fighting against people of a different faith seen as something that is basically good?

169. Would God have encouraged Muhammad to start multiple wars of aggression to spread Islam?

170. In the Holy Books is fighting against People of the Scripture encouraged?

171. Is offensive warfare and fighting against non-believers encouraged in the Holy Books for believers today? (Jihad)

172. Would God encourage believers today to pillage and plunder people of a different faith?

173. Would God want believers today to use terror and harshness against their enemies?

174. Would God want believer’s today to carry out the law of retribution? (an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth / Kısas)

175. Would a Holy God encourage believers to take revenge into their own hands?

176. Would a Holy God encourage believers to curse their enemies?

177. Does God consider the Jews to be under a curse or damned as a nation?

178. Are those who fight considered better than those who don’t fight?

179. Do the Holy Books encourage warfare by stating that punishment in Hell is promised to non-combatants and by giving a guarantee of entrance into Heaven as a reward for those who fight and die in the cause of God or Allah? (Jihad)

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